The WELLNESS CENTRE is meant to nurture the boundless abilities of Xavierites.

The college motto is "PROVOKING TO FLY". We all know we can be so much more than we are now, but someone has to show us how to unleash our potential.

This is what the WELLNESS CENTRE's purpose is: "HELPING TO FLY".

The Wellness Centre has three major areas in which students are helped.

First, there is professional counselling available for students with psychological problems like depression, anxiety attacks, etc. We also offer career counselling for students who need help in choosing their career path. Two professionally trained counsellors are available for students who need help. Many students use this facility.

The second is directly connected to the college motto “challenging to fly.” For this, life coaching is made available to students who are psychologically OK, but are presently far from using all of their potential, and would like to “fly”. For this we offer “Unleash your Potential” 3-day workshops to help them understand why they have a self image much below their actual ability and how to rise to what they can be.

Third, psychometric testing is conducted to measure the intellectual abilities and personality traits of a student. This is followed by individual counselling, usually together with the parents of the student. Because of high demand from others, is is now also offered to students from outside.

Additionally, to give students a chance to showcase talents and to offer needed help, the Wellness Centre also has a Student Support Group, an Open Music Event team, and a Theory Club.