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APTITUDE TESTING and COUNSELLING restarted 18 Jan 2021

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday : Registration at 9.00 am test follows immediately after.

See details > CLICK on "APTITUDE TESTING" in the menu at left.

MASK required! Sanitiser provided. Social distancing arranged.

Pre-registration required: call 9892723090 or 9820176711

The Wellness Centre was founded in 1954.

We provide the following services:

  • Personal Counselling - for problems like depression, anxiety attacks, and for better personal and social adjustment;

  • Psychometric Testing: IQ Test, Aptitude Test, Personality Test, Career Interest Test: these are followed by a one-on-one counselling session with the student where parents are requested to be present.

  • Self Discovery Workshops to help students discover how much of their actual abilities they are not using, and how to grow into using more and more of these.

  • Creativity training.

  • Team Building sessions.

  • Orientation programmes for freshers.

  • Activities that nurture quality of life and wellness: Student Support Group, Open Music Evenings, Culture of Giving events...

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